Consider how much of the time our mind is not at peace, is worried and plagued with uncertainty. Through meditation, our mind becomes quiet and tranquil. Through meditation, our mind and body can let go of worry, anxiety or any other mental activity. Once we become tranquil, we can observe the mind. We should simply observe the thoughts arising but we should not become attached to them, focus on them or follow them. Just release them and let them disappear.

Consistent practice will eventually lead to dissolving our hyperactive mind, leading us to a deeper level of stillness, peace and tranquillity.

Tips for Meditation

First prepare the mind - say to yourself, "I am going to set a good intention toward my meditation to be successful".

When meditating if your focus wanders, bring yourself back to the breath. Focusing on the breath is best; a relaxed healthy mind will create a relaxed healthy body.






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